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Staff Appreciation Week 2016

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Box Tops Update



Way to go Pride!!  We collected 5,471 Box Tops for Education for our Spring Collection period!  Over the last few weeks, all those little Box Tops for Education that were sent in were cut, counted, and organized to be sent into General Mills.  This means our school will be getting a check for $547.10 which is amazing.  Thank you to all those who sent in box tops.

The winners for each grade that sent in the most Box Tops are:

Kindergarten:   Mrs. Milak
1st grade:  Mrs. Simmons
2nd grade:  Mrs. Rhodes/Mrs. Dash
3rd grade: Mrs. Gruwell
4th grade: Ms. Hinton
5th grade: Mr. Wilisky
These classes have earned an ice cream party.  Yum!!
A special thank you goes out to the special volunteers who helped make this fundraiser possible:
Chelli Antle, April Brink, Kim Francis, Stephanie Nieto, and Jessica Stamper
These very special people spent hours of their time reading tiny expiration dates, counting and packaging these box tops.  I couldn’t have made it without them….thank you again.
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